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Evalue Capital is an independent holding company, investing with a focus on information technology, software-as-a-service, and real estate.

Our founder and CEO Jerome Evans started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2002. Following this, we identify business opportunities with a strong growth trajectory – in Germany and worldwide.


When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills.

What is left unsaid: Building a windmill is hard work. But we're happy to lend a hand.

Creating meaningful change doesn't come easy, and that is exactly what draws us to it. We empower transformative companies to make their next move, yielding continued returns throughout the entire investment life cycle.


We are invested in...


Digital transformation hinges on IT infrastructure that is reliable and secure: firstcolo operates multiple data center locations across Europe, as well as a network backbone with a capacity of more than 1500+ Gbit/s.


diva-e is one of Germany's leading service providers for digital experience, customer engagement, and e-commerce. Over 800 experts help world-renowned companies and love brands find success in the digital sphere.


paretos is an AI-based SaaS solution that helps its customers calculate impact analyses, scenarios and forecasts. Business decisions are optimized based on existing data sets – enabling a wider range of companies to perform big data analytics.


Win and retain B2B buyers faster: Notch is a comprehensive sales enablement suite for sales and customer success teams. It acts as a central hub for managing buyer interactions all the way to the onboarding process.


Kaiko Systems provides a powerful solution for managing technical operations of maritime vessels: It assists fleet operators with increasing productivity, mitigating risks, and offering guidance to maintenance crews on the ground.

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Evalue Real Estate

Managing both residential and commercial real estate, the core business of Evalue Real Estate revolves around property acquisition, maintenance, and commercialization.

Venture Capital & Private Equity Fonds

We make both direct LP investments and investments through a fund-of-funds structure, which in turn covers several venture capital and early-stage funds - including Planet A, La Famiglia, Cavalry, Foreword VC, Capnamic, 42CAP, b2venture, EMERAM Capital Partners, and FLEX Capital.


Jerome Evans

— Founder & CEO —

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There are no open vacancies at the moment.

— April 2024

We are always interested in investment proposals.

— April 2024


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Connecting people is what made us become the company we are today, be it in terms of IT infrastructure, or the humans behind it.


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